As a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ,) Miami Free Zone can help your business achieve a competitive advantage in today’s global market through duty and merchandise processing fee (MPF) savings, flexible control over domestic and foreign inventory, and high security for your valuable merchandise. The following are some ways in which we can help your business achieve that. For more information check out our Business Cases.

  • Compliance & Inventory Software: Proprietary state of-the-art software for quick and efficient processing of inbound and outbound transactions
  • Duty Deferral: Why lay out cash on duties at port of entry? Nationalize and pay duties as you receive sales orders and maximize your cash flow
  • Duty Elimination: No customs, countervailing, or antidumping duties paid on re-exported merchandise
  • Federal Regulations: Reduced compliance requirements for regulatory agencies such as EPA, FCC, or FDA
  • Flexible Merchandise Control: Merchandise may be commingled, repaired, manipulated, manufactured, repackaged, assembled, relabeled, and much more
  • High Security: As a Federal designated area, MFZ provides its users with very high security standards. Removing merchandise without authorization qualifies as a federal crime
  • Inverted Duty: On goods assembled at an FTZ, users may elect to pay the duty on separate components or on the finished product, whichever is lower
  • Quota Management: Hold goods indefinitely until international or U.S. quota restrictions on goods open; no U.S. quota implication if goods are re-exported
  • Storage Periods: Merchandise may be stored indefinitely without facing penalties or risk
  • Weekly Entries: Save money on customs brokerage fees, merchandise processing fees (MPF,) and simplify your importation process by consolidating single weekly entry forms